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How do I arrange for hospice care benefits?

Ask your doctor or call us at 770-456-5701 so that we can meet with you wherever you are to discuss the program.

Can I keep my personal physician if I chose hospice care?

Yes. You may keep your personal physician while you are under hospice care. In fact, we encourage this ongoing doctor patient relationship.

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What does the hospice care admission process involve?

A representative of Symponia will contact you to discuss the program and to help determine your eligibility. Your physician will also be contacted to discuss your decisions and provided medical records. Finally, you will be asked to sign medical treatment forms.

What if I can't speak English, but I’m in need of hospice care?

An interpreter will be provided for you.

What do hospice volunteers do?

What do hospice volunteers do?

Hospice volunteers can give caregivers a rest, help with errands, or provide companionship. Common activities for volunteers include reading, reminiscing, playing music, games or cards.

How do I become a hospice volunteer? 

Volunteering for hospice is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. To find our how please visit our volunteer page and fill out an application or call us at 770-456-5701 to find out how to become a hospice volunteer.

Does hospice provide any help to the family after a patient dies?

Yes. Symponia Hospice provides continuing contact and support for caregivers and families for up to 13 months following the death of a loved one.